the second star

I'll teach you to ride the Wind's back, and away we'll go;
Second Star to the right and straight on till morning.

8 March 2008 - 23 Jun 2014

"I’m waiting where you waited for me."


Rooftop Pool and Earth Create Thermal Cooling for Hidden Home designed by
Kois Associated Architects.

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reflections: whos hand? whos voice is this?

finishing off my first year in university, my first year in the US; it’s time to confront my long procrastinated reflections.

i daresay i’ve changed so slightly so much that i don’t recognize myself anymore, but the myself that i still do recognize hasn’t changed much, i think.

it’s been unreal; not in the all-my-dreams-came-true sense, but in the who-am-i, double-life, existential-crisis way. well, not a crisis per se, just a steady struggle to acceptance of condition, or perhaps an escapist phantom-itch that i forget to forget.

i watch my hand write down my sentences and my math, but i don’t recognize the mind that forms these thoughts. words come out of my mouth and i think i speak, but i don’t hear myself. as i speak, i don’t hear myself and i wonder how i seem to have left the ‘I am’ back home. I can’t seem to hear myself.

i suppose it’s partly a code-switching thing. i reflect my accent off of people; probably in the same way my existence is reflected off of others. and in such a huge and ever-changing campus, i find losing oneself a very frightful notion. and i have lost my (true?) reflection.

a year later, things seem less frightening; i’ve made friends who are equally lost, and being lost together isn’t that lonely. Berkeley seems like a much smaller place with recognizable faces, recognizable reflections of myself.

what i think i’m trying to say is, this past year, i haven’t yet come to terms with my double-life, my fleeting ghostlife, i doubt i ever will. i’m still adrift across an ocean of fluid and ever-changing reflections, constantly making me wonder who i am, but i’m starting to be ok with that.



Detroit - Cass Tech High School 

This makes me kinda sad, Idk why, maybe it’s the vibes I’m getting that remind of all the black and latin@ schools closed down due to lack of support and how many were just replaced with wack ass businesses.

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